Featured Ingredient - Birch

Birch is very common in Ontario’s forests and parks, as well as in our home gardens but little is known about its amazing health benefits.

Birch is of high value North American First Nations as well as in Scandinavian, Russian and Polish traditions where birch water, bark, leaves and buds are used in folk medicine. Each part of this tree contains many beneficial substances that have a positive effect on our body when taken internally or applied externally.

Let’s concentrate on the birch water that we use in our products. Birch water is harvested in early spring directly from the trunk of the tree for about two to three weeks. It is very rich in various nutrients – there are not only mineral salts, vitamins, and sugars but also 17 different amino acids, organic acids, enzymes and proteins which are largely beneficial for hair and skin. In traditional Eastern and Northern European medicine, birch water is consumed as a means of healing and natural cleansing and is applied externally for improving the condition of hair and skin. Rubbing the birch tree water on the scalp and hair is believed to treat dandruff and weak hair follicles. After using birch water on hair it becomes healthier, more lustrous, and silky. With natural astringent and antibacterial properties, birch water is used to prevent acne, eczema and combats wrinkles as a skin toner and restorer.


JustBirch is on a mission to connect you to the goodness of native Canadian birch trees through 100% natural luxurious beauty care products.

We are committed to creating products harmless for people and the environment. This is why we never use any chemicals or ingredients that are potentially harmful or toxic and develop our products around benefits of this amazing local North American plant.