Sustainable Beauty



By using trees that grow in our natural environment and concentrating on the Canadian and US markets we are reducing the carbon footprint of our products. We had decided to build our workshop in the City of Kawartha Lakes where we harvest birch trees. Our workshop was built in a sustainable way with passive solar design and straw bale insulated walls. It drastically reduces our energy consumption. We had reduced the number of ingredients in our products to the minimum. We do not dilute our products with water or add unnecessary fillers. We reduce the packaging, no extra boxes and wrappers.



We believe in reusing. At the moment we are using recyclable plastic bottles and until we find a better solution to our packaging we would like to introduce you to our Reuse program. When you buy our products (online or in the store) do not toss the bottles. Rinse them with warm water and put them aside (bottles and closures separate). When you (or maybe along with your family and friends) gather at least 10 empty containers and closures, you can qualify for our Reuse program. Contact us at and we will send you more details. For those in Canada, we will be happy to cover the shipping costs so you can send our bottles back to us. When we receive the bottles, we will send you a 10% discount code as a token of our appreciation. For those in the United States, unfortunately, we will not be able to cover shipping costs, but when we receive our empty bottles back, you will be rewarded with a 15% discount on our products. Please note that we are concerned about the quality of our products so we can accept only JustBirch product containers.  



Our bottles are made from PET plastic and they are recyclable. If you will not take advantage of our Reuse program please dispose of them properly.



We realize that the beauty industry is filled with amazing natural products but most of them are made from ingredients which had travelled thousands of miles. Globalization helps us discover amazing plants from all over the world and we forget about the plants growing around us. We believe in using local ingredients that grow in our natural environment. We have experienced the benefits of birch tree water and decided to create JustBirch so Canadians can rediscover that amazing tree. We harvest birch trees growing in their natural habitat and we make sure to do it with the least impact on the environment. You can read more about our take on sustainability in our blog post here.



We refuse using any ingredients which can be harmful for people or the environment. Our products are CertClean certified and fully biodegradable.